Birthday Cake Wax Melts
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Birthday Cake Wax Melts

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At Mad Hatter’s Melts we:

- Hand pour our wax melts.

- Use maximum percent premium fragranced oil to give long lasting scent.

- Use all vegan materials such as 100% soy wax, scented fragrance oils, liquid candle colouring and cosmetic glitter.

- Use all plastic free packaging.

- Dispatch from Bridgend, Wales to select countries.


Item details:

Birthday Cake

Smells just like the mouth watering scent of birthday cake, depicted by a blend of fresh fluffy sponge, vanilla buttercream & fruity strawberry jam. Finished off with a layer of vanilla icing and a generous dusting of rainbow sprinkles.


Product information:

Packs of wax melts - 6 wax melts per pack. Each wax melt comes in the shape of a heart and weighs around 7g each, (combined weight of 42g per pack). We recommend placing 2 in a burner at a time (3 for larger burners). Each use lasts between 8-12 hours.

Each pack comes complete with any relevant CLP Allergen and safety information labelled on the back of the pack.

This product contains real vegan candy sprinkles. These are not for consumption. PLEASE DO NOT EAT.