What's the processing time based on?

Demand is very high and each product is hand made and packaged by myself only. This can be quite time consuming for one person, so the current turn around time is 3-5 business days. However, this is the very maximum amount of time. it's often 3 business days and sometimes earlier. Although during peak times like Christmas, orders can take up to the full processing time, so please bare this in mind before ordering.


Are these wax melts suitable for vegans?

Absolutely! All of our ingredients are 100% vegan and not tested on animals.


Is the packaging plastic free?

Absolutely! Right the way down to our packing tape!


How much wax should I burn at a time?

This is down to your personal preference and the size of your burner well. The recommended weight is around 10g - 15g. This is the equivalent of 2 - 3 of our wax melt hearts. Please bear in mind that the more wax you add, the longer it will take to melt. Use smaller amounts for a stronger throw, and larger amounts for a more long lasting throw. If you are using one of our limited edition shapes, please see the product information page where the recommended usage will be provided.


Where can I find a full scent list?

You can find our full scent list here. This is updated frequently so some fragrances may be discontinued from time to time. But we also add new additions every month! Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all shop news and offers!


Can these wax melts be used in an electric burner?

Yes all of our products are compatible with both manual (tea light) burners and electric burners.

If you are using a particularly tall or large manual burner, deep tea lights are excellent, just remember to only burn for four hours at a time. If you are using an electric burner, please remember to turn it off after four hours of burning time. If your electric burner has a low wattage, please bare in mind that the more wax you add the longer it will take to melt. If you're unsure, start with small amounts and gradually add more if needed.

Do you keep the lid on or off lidded wax burners?

When using the wax burner please ensure you keep the lid OFF otherwise this will cover up the source of the fragrance and the device will overheat. However, when not in use, keep the lids ON your beautiful wax burners, one being for decorative purposes, and two this will stop your device from gathering so much dust. 


When do the wax melts expire?

Provided you have stored them correctly (sealed), they don't typically! In fact, the longer you wait to burn them the stronger they will smell. This is because of the curing process. Soy wax melts typically need a minimum curing time of at least 2 weeks. So those extra hearts you found still in their packaging at the back of your drawer will give off a stronger hot throw than Arnie on steroids. They may look like they've seen better days based on their age, but looks aren't everything! However, wax melts older than 12 months will become gradually become less effective. 


Why is my product a slightly different colour to the one pictured on the website?

All of our products are hand made. Therefore, shades of colour may vary & glitters may be different to those pictured on the website, but they will always be as similar as possible. We also like to try our different designs from time to time, if this is the case, our product images will be updated accordingly.


Why is there frosting on my product?

Frosting is uncommon in our wax melts. However, due to the nature of soy wax, depending on the time of year (most common during colder months), you may experience some frosting on your wax melts/candles. This is sometimes impossible to avoid and is purely down to the different temperatures used while working with soy wax. The science is quite simple, wax expands when hot, and then shrinks as it cools. The frosting is a result of the wax trying to return to it’s original state. The good news is, this will not affect the throw of your product, and in our opinion even adds to the aesthetic in winter!